UOG Aquaponics Team Showcases Progress

The University of Guam Sea Grant (SG) Aquaponics team showcased the system’s success and workability this week with lettuce distribution held at the UOG College of Natural and Applied Sciences Aquapark.  

The Aquaponics system utilizes farmed fish to provide natural nutrients and grow fresh produce such as basil, bok choy (Chinese cabbage), and three varieties of lettuce.  

During the distribution session, Dave Crisostomo, Aquaculture Specialist for UOG Sea Grant, served up Summer Crisp fusion, a variety of lettuce.  

According to Crisostomo, the entire setup at the University of Guam campus includes over 2,400 plant sites. 

Crisostomo and his team continue to experiment with different methods of cultivating crops through aquaponics to achieve food security for Guam and reduce the island’s dependency on imported goods.  

“We have a program called the Community Backyard Aquaponics System (CBAS) that begins June 1stsaid Crisostomo.

“It’s a small backyard aquaponics system that will include a fish tank and one 4×8 foot plant tray. The focus of the project will be more on cultivating fish than produce, but each recipient will still be able to cultivate up to 64 plants using the system.” 

At least 50 people have applied for the first instance of the CBAS program before the deadline on April 26, with the number of applicants expected to increase with the reopening of the application period.  

“This program is to help introduce people to the idea of aquaponics. Most people have probably heard of it, but never tried it for themselves”, said Crisostomo. 

Crisostomo said approved applicants will also receive guidance from the Aquaponics Team, who will assist and teach recipients how to overcome issues that may arise.  

For Crisostomo and his team, the CBAS program is a step toward achieving food security and a more sustainable future for Guam’s people. He believes island residents can adequately provide nutritious foods for themselves, while also reducing dependency on imported goods and minimizing waste sent to the landfills. 


The UOG CNAS Aquapark and the aquaponics system housed within is funded using the USDA Hatch Act. 

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