First mural in G3 Art Corps lineup revealed

The Guam Green Growth (G3) initiative at the University of Guam unveiled its first Art Corps mural on Friday, February 2, in Yona. The mural, titled “Megot Nalina’låta” by artist Corina Benavente, narrates the artist’s personal story and encapsulates the island’s history, culture, resources, and sustainable future. 

The G3 Art Corps program aims to provide a platform for artistic expression while promoting island sustainability. G3 launched the program at the G3 Makerspace and Innovation Hub in March 2023. For the program’s inaugural cohort, G3 selected eight artists to collectively design, plan, and execute public murals in Guam.  

These murals highlight the island’s journey towards achieving sustainability by 2030, as outlined by the G3 Action Framework and the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). 

“The G3 Art Corps leverages the wonderful talents of our local artists. This initiative allows us to showcase their artistry across the 17 villages,” said UOG President Anita Borja Enriquez. 

Austin Shelton, Director of the UOG Center for Island Sustainability and Sea Grant, said, “The initiative guides Guam toward a more sustainable, equitable, and prosperous future. On this journey, it’s crucial to visualize the future. What does a sustainable future look like? There’s no one better suited to help us envision it than our local artists.” 

The mural finds its home in a building with a rich history in the village, owned by the Peredo family for several generations.  


“Our roots extend deeply into this village. Our great-grandfather Vicente Bernardo served as one of the longest-standing mayors of the island,” said Miria Peredo. 


Benavente’s mural incorporates prominent elements from CHamoru culture and Yona village life, featuring representations of Taga’chang beach, the Marianas eight-spot butterfly, and other natural elements.  

“I would like to thank everybody for giving me this opportunity to express my creativity and my love of art,” said Benavente. 


The Education Stabilization Fund under the Office of the Governor provides support for the G3 Art Corps program. 


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The UOG Center for Island Sustainability facilitates Guam Green Growth, or G3, in cooperation with the Office of the Governor of Guam and the G3 Working Group, whose members represent all sectors of society. With the UN SDGs and G3 Action Framework as a guide, G3 develops tangible solutions to sustainability challenges and contributes to a green economy for the island region. 

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